Aarythmers Bio

Aarythmers is a band that showcases some of the best songwriters and musicians in New Orleans playing songs written by Guy Wall.  Guy played guitar (self-taught) in various rock bands in the 1970s and 1980s, during which time he obtained a law degree.  He stopped playing in the late 1980s to raise his children with his wife Lisa and build his law practice.  After the kids went to college, Guy sought formal guitar and music instruction and found it in Vince Marini.  Guy wrote the songs on the record, sang lead on most songs and played guitar on some of them.

Vince Marini received formal training in classical guitar at the University of Connecticut and in jazz guitar in New York city.  Vince played in rock bands, orchestras (e.g., Tommy and various television talk shows), jazz bands and had a successful solo career.  Vince played classical guitar at various venues including Yale university.  He also obtained a pilot’s license and developed a successful courier service.  Vince played guitar on most of the songs, played bass on a couple of songs (e.g., Better), sang back-up vocals, and acted as the sound engineer for the recording.

The rhythm section consisted of Moses Eder on drums and David Gilman and Dave Pomerlou on bass.  Emma Moates sang lead vocals on WTF and Lover Forever and backing vocals on most of the songs.  Rick Nelson added keyboards on some of the tracks.

Aarythmers’ second album evolves from the rhythm and blues feel of their first album, Below Sea Level (released in June 2021), to a modern rock sound with new songs and new members on bass, drums and keyboards.  It opens with a rock/pop song, Thinking of Her, which harkens back to the early 60s Beatles, and follows it with WTF, a whimsical exploration of the idea that opposites attract.  Then come slower songs that explore and evoke emotion, such as the feelings in the beginning of a relationship (Senses), the courage to face fear (Stand), the hurt of rejection (Love Forever), and the search for happiness in life (Find It Again).  The record then displays influences from various genres such as punk and classical (I Was Wrong), and progressive rock (Upside Down).  It ends with the classic rock sound of Miss Right Now.

Aarythmers Bio and Press Release

Authenticity and integrity are two words that are thrown around in the music industry, but in the case of New Orleans seven-piece band Aarythmers, they speak to the heart and soul of the music they make. Storming out of the blocks with their critically acclaimed debut album "Below Sea Level", they are a fusion of rock, old rhythm and blues, jazz and funk, which is a testament to their years in the industry.

Image of Below Sea Level album coverCo- produced by singer-songwriter Guy Wall and lead guitarist Vince Marini, the album was recorded with band members Claude Arthur (bass), Mathew Keegan (drums), Kyle Cripps (keyboard and sax) and Emma Moates and Margi Cates (backup vocals). What they have produced is an album of pure emotional power in a time when we need it most.

From the opening track Crying, beckoned by the sound of a melancholy train whistle and brilliantly arranged horns, you understand that you are in the presence of musicians who are true artists. From that point on, ‘Below Sea Level’ takes you on a journey on so many musical influences including The Beatles, Fats Domino, Credence Clearwater, Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint. The sum of all these parts is a unique and utterly captivating collection of songs that speaks to the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans and the Mississippi.

Receiving high rotation on numerous Spotify playlists, Aarythmers explore contemporary issues which people experience in their everyday lives. Dysfunctional relationships cycling from break-up to break-up based on loosely anecdotal stories of woe and torment, this is their collective truths written in a way that everyone can understand.

The music takes you to the Mississippi, to the juke joints and venues where arguably the American storybook of Blues first reared its head. When combined with the decades of experience that Aarythmers has in the bank, you can see why there has been such a buzz around their latest release.

“It has a strong personal style, something to value nowadays. The vocals are soulful and confident. The rhythm creates a magic atmosphere”. – Garage Rock 2021

As the world opens up again and looks forward to a place where we can explore new musical experiences, Aarythmers are distinctively the band that can take us on that journey with the knowledge that there are experienced drivers at the wheel. Climb on board and take a trip to their musical destiny and enjoy music the way it should be played.