Our new album, CARDIAC, is being dedicated to the memory of our friend and bandmate, Vince Marini.

Vincent Marini has been called the “white, straight, two eyed James Booker of Guitar.”

He was just as comfortable playing Classical Guitar in a packed hall at Yale University as he was playing Country, Jazz and Blues in a smoky bar in Arabi. If you had the opportunity to see him solo, you would have seen him slide from one style to another with effortless grace, as if they belonged together. His vocal style was strong but smooth, demonstrating his love for the R and B of the sixties and seventies.

As a songwriter he could be poignant, as with his “Versa Luna”, or comical, as with “I Really Love You When…”, or even occasionally political. For the latter I’d refer you to his fable, “The Cat and The Mouse.” His lyrics painted pictures while betraying his sharp wit as the stories unfold.